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Unicos URD800 Auto Phoropter

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Unicos URD800 Auto Phoropter
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Eco friendly design, using antibacterial material.

Perfect interface with ARK, Chart projector, LCD Screen and Lens Meter

8.0 inch full colour touch screen LCD control panel.

Low operating noice, fast restart time, ergonomic design.


Specification as follows

Measuring range


-29 ~+26.75 (for general test)

-19 ~ +16.75 (for cross cyl and prism test

(Step 0.12D/0.25/0.50/1D/2D/3D


0.00 ~ 8.75D (step 0.25/0,50/1D/2D/3D


0 ~ 180 (Step 1/5/15/30/45

Pupil Distance

Far 48~ 80mm (Step 0.5/1.0mm)

Near 45 ~ 75mm (Step 0.5/1.0mm

Working Distance

35 ~ 70cm (Step 5cm)

Rotary prism

0 ~ 20 (Step 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2

Cross Cylinder

Jackson Cross Cylinder +/- 0.25D

Jackson Cross Cylinder +/- 0.50D

Dual Cross Cylinder

Retinpscopy Lens

+ 1.5D, +2.0D (Test Distance 67 cm, 50cm)

Auxiliary Lenses


Pine Hole 1mm

Maddox Rod Red

Right Eye Horizontal left Eye Vertical

Red/Green Filter

Right Eye red Left Eye Green

Polarised Filter

Right Eye 135/45 Left Eye 45/135

Separating Prism  

Right Eye 6^BU

Left Eye 10^BI can be added to 0~5 ^

PD Test Lens

Fixed Cross Cyl  Jackson Cross Cylinder +/- 0.05D, Axis Fixation 90 degrees

Vision Degrees    32




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