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Grand Seiko GV1000 LCD Acuity System

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Grand Seiko GV1000 LCD Acuity System
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19 inch LCD Display, in addition to 0.1 (201200, 6/60) to 2.0(20110, 6/3) charts, 0.03(20/600,6/200), 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, and 0.08 can be used.
Wide Range of Charts
;'Landolt Rings" , "Tumbling E ", "Alphabetica l Letters", "Numbers", ancl "Pictures" are available in addition to
16 different Special Charts as well as 2 types of ETDRS chart, which allows many different tests.
Remote Controller with LCD Screen
Large LCD Display can show 3 lines of charts and their values. With the backlight, it can be seen even in the dark test room. 
Individual Buttons for Red/ Green Filter, Random Display, and 2 programs.
When Random Button is pressed, chart will be shown randomly in the same size.
With this function, even if the next patient would memorize the charts, it would not affect the test result
Variable test distance 2.5 to 6m in 50cm step.
With the mirror mode at 2.5m(3m) it would be the same as setting at 5m(6m).
Visual Performance Test
There are 16 different s pecial charts including the charts for the binoculal· vision test.
With the optional Red/Green Glasses, it can test the binocular vision.
Contrast can be changed 100%, 25%, 12.5%, or 6% (4
steps). With this function , it can be used for the adequacy test of night dri ving as w ll as screening of eye disorder like cataract.
2 different testing orders can be programmed with the maximum of 30 items in each program.
Thin Light Weight Design
Only weighs 7.8kg and can be used even outside of the test room.
Display of Still/Moving Image
Using USB port, JPEG, GIF, and TIFF image can be shown either as still image or as slide show as well as WMV and MPEG 112 (except H.264) can be played. 
ETDRS (Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study)

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